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Day trip to Cabourg and Dives-sur-Mer

Take advantage of your stay in our hotel in Caen to discover Cabourg and Dives-sur-Mer


Visit Cabourg, the town of Proust

Cabourg Casino
Coming to Cabourg without visiting its casino is a bit like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower.

Whether you are a gambling fan or not, everyone loves this emblematic place. Much more than a simple slot machine room, discover the multiple facets of the casino:
  • Lounge bar area
  • Terrace with sea view
  • Panoramic brasserie

Cabourg beach
After this stop at the casino, we advise you to take a breath of fresh air on the beach of Cabourg. It runs along the Marcel Proust promenade and offers a relaxing moment to its visitors.

The beach of the romantics allows you to admire the seaside villas while enjoying a nice walk in the fine Norman sand.

The Villa du Temps retrouvé

Let's finish the discovery of Cabourg with the visit of an innovative museum. This magnificent villa blends history, art and new technologies in a masterly way. Watch period films showing the evolution of the town from the Belle Époque to today.

At the end of the tour, let yourself be charmed by the tea room and its delicious madeleines. A shop is also open to do your shopping.


Stroll around Dives-sur-Mer, between land and sea

The medieval market halls of Dives-sur-Mer

Immerse yourself in a festive atmosphere in the heart of the town in the halles of Dives-sur-Mer.

We advise you to discover the Saturday morning market where you can taste incredible local products.

Beyond the place, remember to look up to admire the architecture full of history. It is a beautiful work of art that you will have before your eyes.

Did you know that? The roof structure is original. Experts date it to the 15th century.

The William the Conqueror Art Village

Close to the Halles and the Church, take the time to visit this historic village. It was Monsieur Le Rémois, an innkeeper, who had the idea of reinventing the place to tell the story of William the Conqueror's time.

After a few changes, it is a completely different site that stands out. History and architecture reign supreme. Inside you will find small souvenir shops and restaurants.

The Blue House of Da Costa

If you spend the day in Dives-sur-Mer, take the opportunity to discover this unusual place.

Originally, the owner of the house used his time to decorate his house. Now, tourists flock to admire his work. The mosaic on the wall, ornate chapels and an exceptional garden welcome you between the station and the town's port.
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