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Best Western Royal Hotel
*** Hotel Caen Centre Normandy
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Best Western Royal Hotel
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Best Western Rewards ®
An international loyalty programme
Carte de fidélité Best Western
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The Best Western Rewards® loyalty card

Do you know the Best Western Rewards® loyalty club?

The Best Western Rewards® Loyalty Club rewards your loyalty generously! It allows you to earn points that are valid for life and can then be redeemed for free nights at Best Western® Hotels & Resorts.

A loyalty club with many advantages

Thanks to the Best Western loyalty card, you can enjoy a number of advantages:
  • free membership
  • access to the best prices all year round (these prices are displayed when you log in to your loyalty account)
    • all year round and in all Best Western® Hotels & Resorts in France, benefit from a €5 discount or up to 10% off, even on promotional rates!
  • points valid for life for any stay in the world
    • earn points for life when you stay at Best Western® Hotels & Resorts anywhere in the world!
  • free nights from 12,000 points (i.e. an average of 12 nights)
    • exchange these points for free nights and numerous gifts available on the online boutique
  • a virtual loyalty card

How to become a Best Western Rewards® member?

Registration is simple and free.
> Go to and fill in your details.

Once you have registered, book your next stay at the Best Western Royal Hotel Caen and collect your first Best Western Rewards® points!
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Best Western
Royal Hotel
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